Winners are usually underdogs,
you never see them coming.


Every time you choose to challenge your limits, you will find us with you.

Movement unites us with people who are on the journey of becoming better. A journey with no finish line. It brings us back to ourselves. Inspires us to challenge our limits and feel our true mettle. To tell ourselves that we are built for more, whether it is through inspiring stories of others or our own. BIRCH believes there is no limit to human potential, your potential.

We enable women to feel the power of movement by carefully constructing athletic gear that works as hard as them. Our gear works with you to elevate your holistic performance and tap into your limitless potential.

We believe everyone is an athlete.

Being an athlete is a mindset that represents strength, courage, grit, determination and a stubborn part that refuses to accept defeat.

BIRCH is an experience brand. Experience your glory while you beat your personal best.

We foster a team-first approach. We work in conjunction with people who share the same vision, purpose and drive as us which is to inspire performance and the belief that they are built for more.


We believe that if you FEEL YOUR BEST, you PERFORM YOUR BEST.

BIRCH’s sports fits are intentional, purposeful and size inclusive. Our designs, cuts, resilient fabrics, seams and fits are selected after optimizing the latest innovations and evidence-based scientific research to help you move through all activities, from low to high impact.

Our products are rooted in the science of F5+P:

F5+P = Fabric, fit, feel, function, flatter and performance

We keep our formula and the athletes needs at the core of our product development process to drive athletic performance.

BIRCH is where knowledge meets fit.

Our design innovations are women-specific. We carefully study how the human body performs under various range of activities and how optimally we can utilize the knowledge and construct intentional gear that meet their performance needs.

Our designs and products are rigorously examined under strenuous environments to assess it’s performance on different women physiques. With BIRCH, no one gets left behind.